Calcedeaver Elementary School Library


The mission of Calcedeaver's Library Media Program is to promote and support the access, use, and evaluation of various forms of media within its community of learners.


Library Media Center Schedule     

Hours of Operation- 8:30-3:00 daily
Contact:  Jennifer Turner  251-221-1091

The Library Media Center will be open each morning at 8:30 and will close each afternoon at 3:00. There are times when it may be opened earlier or later for purposes including but not limited to the Title I after-school tutoring program, Twenty-First Century child care program, and/or Indian Education parenting program.


Please visit our on-line catalog, OPAC, at

 Flexible Use

The purpose of flexible library time is to allow students/teachers to access the library media center when they need it for reading materials or for research. Classroom teachers may send up to 3 students at a time from their rooms. A pass of some type should be carried by the student for safety reasons. 


If individuals/small groups are coming for research purposes, then a copy of their research assignment should be sent with them to assist with the research process. If a large group of students all from one class needs to use the library media center during a flexible time, teachers may bring them and supervise them as they use the library during these times.   


Accelerated Reading 

Renaissance Enterprise offers our students access to the AR and STAR programs through the Internet. Our students have access to every AR quiz available (100,000+). Every time new AR quizzes are released our students automatically have access to the new quizzes. As our students look for books at the Mobile County Public Library, at the local bookstores, or at home they will be able to use the link below to check the title to see if there is an AR quiz available and to see if the book level is within their reading range. Students will still only have permission to test from computers at school. However, we are encouraging them to use our school library, the public library, and their home libraries to locate even more good books to read. Each quarter our students are reading and quizzing to increase their reading skills and reach their individual AR goals.

Check your books here to see if there is an AR quiz available and to see the book level.


Big Universe


Our students have accesss to an on-line library with 4,085 nonfiction and fiction books through Big Universe. The books and activities offered on the Big Universe website can be accessed from school or home. Students use the username and password assigned to them for Accelerated Reading.

Please follow the link below to sign-in to the Big Universe website. 

Library Activities